About Us

Summer field Public School was established in year 2000 under the aegis of Shri Om Prakash Sharma Educational and Charitable Trust affiliated to central Board of Secondary Education with a commitment of providing quality education to every section of society. The school aims at providing a conducive environment to stimulate intellectual growth of every student, so that their energy is properly channelized in the right direction.

Mission & Vision

The School primarily aims at integral development of every child enrolled here. Education is for growth development of all faculties-intellectual, mental as well as spiritual; it helps the growth of an individual into a mature, responsible broad-minded, patriotic disciplined citizen. We try to make our children committed to the services of God and of the nation and instill in them a spirit of compassion, unselfish services, dedication to duty, love for fellowmen and thirst for excellence and wisdom. It will be our earnest effort to give equal importance to the moral development of the students. This is possible only through the deep insight which comes from within.

Hence our motto is lead kindly light through the values of LOVE, JUSTICE AND SERVICE.

Our mission is to nurture our students to realize their own potential to identify and achieve their goals in an environment of joyful and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of togetherness and service before self and to serve all the sections of society by imparting affordable and quality education.